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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Roofing Style Fits Your Home?

Roofs protect the inside of a home from the outside environment. Thus, when selecting a roof for your home, you want to ensure that it is durable and long lasting in order to shield against all types of conditions. But, since roofs are extremely distinguishable elements, homeowners also choose a roof based on style. They not only select a roof that is reliable, but one that is also fitting to their homes overall appearance. Common roofing styles include gable, hip and flat.  

Each roofing style differs in shape, detail and design. Gable roofs are accustomed for simple log homes and have the appearance of a triangular-shaped structure when looking at the front or the face of the home. They are designed by two straight slopes from the ridge of the roof meeting and then each falling to its eave. A hip roof includes each side slopping downward and creating a pyramid design. With this style, each roof triangle has the same dimensions and eaves on all sides. These are commonly seen among homes because they are the most effective for protecting a home during extreme weather conditions. A flat roof is commonly used for business buildings. However, despite their name, they are slightly inclined to allow rain, snow and other weather remains to run off.  Some homeowners also find these types of roofs fitting to their home style and personal interest.

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